The Rules :



All new members must be at least level 15 and must complete a two-week trial period, this allows not only the Officers and the Guild leader to evaluate perspective members, but also allows any members to evaluate our family.

All members shall refrain from any use of vulgar, abusive or profane language any where within this realm. This includes not only talking on private guild chat lines, but also interactions with persons other than the Equinox anywhere within the realm. Please note, this does not mean that you are required to take abuse from anyone else. There are proper and honorable ways to deal with those who infringe on the enjoyable existence of our members.

All members shall follow the code of honor expected of any member within our family. You must act honorably, maturely (in overall behavior and dealings - with allowances made for role-playing), courageously and with consideration to not only your own needs or desires, but to those of other members of the guild.

All members must show fidelity to Equinox.

All members shall be expected to be involved in RvR wars, either through direct combat or in a support capacity - on or off the battlefield.

Failure to follow the guidelines for behavior as a member of Equinox shall result in appropriate disciplinary action. The disciplinary action will be designed to fit the offense and may range from extended probation, demotion and finally expulsion from the guild.

(These disciplinary actions will not necessarily come in this order. Members may be expelled on a vote from the Officers, or directly by the Guild Leader. Though this sounds harsh, again our goal is the have the Best, not the biggest, guild in the realm. It is anticipated that if a member has an error in judgment that causes a rule to be broken, that member may be counseled and worked with to not only improve his or her judgment, but also enhance the productivity and reputation of the guild.)

Honor and Integrity above all else!