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Siegecraft Excel file

24 February 2004

Whew, lots of activity in Nox lately. Kayt and I have gotten just about all of our alts in the guild. We are furiously working on our crafting so we can salvage our own loot. It is getting more and more challenging trying to manage the cash flow. Kayt is kicking my butt with her 833 AC and 722 Alchemist. I'm not far behind with SC and WC.

We also started leveling a pair of SM's for the PBAE exp fests to be had in Modern. Whilst spam killing crabs in Uppland we managed to take out a certain  50 Lurikeen NS by the name of Greaser. Got us a sweet 962 RP each (Yes that's NINE SIXTY TWO) which was enough to get us RR 1L5, good for MCL and Aug Acuity 1. Can't beat that for a single kill eh?


14 February 2004

Nox Lives! Kayt and Joh are back in Equinox on Igraine. Look us up if you get bored or want to group. It's great to be a Mid again!


6 April 2003

Hi all. I've got good news and bad news. First the bad news. My main computer crashed hard again. I'm not even getting a post beep. I replaced the power supply and cpu with spares and nada. This leaves me with a bad motherboard so I'm back to playing on my lap top until I can replace it.

Now the good news. Yours truly has been accepted into the StarWars Galaxies beta test. Call me Joh...Darth Joh! I will tell you all as much as I can without violating the NDA. I'm looking forward to Equinox kicking some butt in the Empire.  =)


25 March 2003

Several folks have left Equinox to join more active RVR guilds. We will miss you all in guild chat and wish you good hunting in your new guilds.

We've been leveling our Battleground toons like crazy and of course the crafting continues. I may be mistaken but I believe one of Leyla's alts has picked up the main Spellcrafting job since Nosaj left. I plan on cleaning out the membership of players we never see anymore. the Herald shows far more players than we actually have. If you would please email me a list of your alts, I would appreciate it. This will improve our stats on the Herald because the RP's vs Number of players will be higher, more accurately portraying our performance as a guild.

If you have screenshots, zip them up and send them to me for posting.

The recent poll on the Herald was for guild leaders only. It basically asked if we were willing to pay a fee for additional services on the Herald. These services included things such as a calendar, private message board, etc. If  they implement such things we will have to decide if we want to participate or set up our own stuff. Easy enough to do. If you folks want a more robust messageboard such as ezboard  let me know. This is your site and I'd like it to give us a forum for posting.  =)



13 March 2003

Lots of Battleground action lately. If you get any great screenshots, make sure and zip 'em up and email them to Joh@qnox.org  =) Grats to Philosophicus for hitting Legendary Tailor! Nox crafting conglomerate gets more powerful by the day. 


11 February 2003

Woot! Midgard has all three Strength relics.... Joh now has Ignore pain.... Life is good.  =)



9 February 2003b

Added links to 3 useful Excel files for crafting, door repairs and upgrades and making Siege engines. You must have Microsoft Excel to use these files.

Added some DF screenshots from Leyla. She showing how NOT to do a DF raid.

Lots of congratulations to send out. First of all congratulations to Feira Lokisdottir for hitting Level 50! Much fun was had knocking out her epic. Congrats to Leyla Thebabe for becoming Legendary Tailor! WTG!  Congrats to Nosaj for becoming THE number one Spellcrafter on Igraine. Lest you all think there is no drama in Nox, keep an eye on the race to Legendary Alchemist between Blecid and Khayt.

If anyone is interested in a qnox.org email address, send me an email or /send ingame and I can set one up for you.  For example Joh@qnox.org.

Kayt wants everyone's phone number so she can call you when you're nekid. She's freaky that way.  ;)


4 February 2003

I fixed the Join button.  =)


31 January 2003

Woot! Nox is ALIVE! Lots of changes to our beloved guild. We are smaller, stronger and better than ever! I like the way the guild is now and with this update I'd like to make some comments on where I see us heading.

First and foremost Equinox is about having fun. You will not hear any mandatory "call to defend the realm" BS from me. If you feel like RVRing and you want to defend, Great! Have fun and get some RP's. I don't think anyone likes to be told what to do with their time.  That said...I'm tired of the Alliance we're in berating people for not wanting to RVR. If it's late at night, or someone is close to leveling and they aren't in the mood to go RVRing, they shouldn't have to put up with a ton of abuse from the folks that are out there. I'm not saying we should leave the alliance. I'm just saying I'm not going to take any crap from them.

Craft craft craft, all day long... craft craft craft while I sing dis song... Major props to Nosaj for becoming a Legendary Spellcrafter! Keep it up folks and we can corner the market on Nox crafted/spellcrafted/alchemied Weapons/Armor!

The infamous Dem hibbies flash movie is posted for your viewing pleasure on the left. Click on it and enjoy! <Give it a few seconds to download...it will play in your browser>

If you have anything you want to post here, send me a tell in-game and we can arrange to get it posted.


10 July 2002

Andred opened yesterday. I was in it in the first seconds of the server open. Mad dash for the mobs as the spawn.   Lots of fun. Made 11 in the first day. I plan on 20+ today. I have managed to pull pretty far ahead of the main pack of levelers. Had our group alone in Darkness Falls most of last night. I hope to see you all there. My name is Joh...  but you knew that already didn't you?


3 July 2002

Many players from the Igraine server are starting characters on the Mordred PVP server. If you do this look for a Mistwalker guild member. This is the Igraine server guild. All three realms participate. It was organized by Wargolem and some big guilds in Hib and Alb. I highly recommend you join this guild for safety and camaraderie. The PVP server is ruthless past lvl 10. Safety in numbers  =)

...oh, and remember... No quarter asked or given...


4 June 2002

Put some more screenshots up courtesy of Kayt. Keep 'em coming guys!


2 June 2002

Equinox has been knocked off the top guild listing. Get some RP folks!

Here's another screenshot of Biko


13 May 2002

Wow! Long time since an update. Biko was kind enough to send in a screenshot of the the most recent acquisition of the BG Keep. WTG Biko!  You can find it by clicking on "Screenshots!" on the left bar.

If you have a screenshot you'd like to see posted, email it to admin@qnox.org and I'll post it.


23 April 2002

Nerce sent me the stats on our membership by level. Check it out.

guildmemberlvl.jpg (131900 bytes)

click for larger view

16 April 2002


Equinox is now the number 24th ranked guild in Midgard. As many folks have been saying Nox Rox!

I have some screenshots of Caer Benowyc and Dun Crauchon with our Emblem flying! Way to take it to them folks!

Many of our guildies are ranked in the top 25 of their class. A few are even in the top 10. Keep up the good word folks! If you have screenshots you would like to see posted, email them to admin@qnox.org



03 April 2002

We received an email from Wrath of Asgard formally inviting us to participate in a siege equipment practice. Here is a copy of the email:

Hey Gang,

One our our guildmates came up with this idea, I really think it's great and

would like to start an open invitation

 I know the date is wrong, but we did not have people get moving cause of

various reasons. I would like to get the ball rollling for this saturday.

I changes the date/time/location, as getting seige equipment from gna is

much easier as the vault is there.

We'll be gathering around the tower south of gna faste to practice!

So to finalize the date and time

Plans Practice seige equipment!

Where South Gna Faste, the guard tower

Date & Time Saturday 3 p.m. CST


- WoA Officer

Sounds like a lot of fun. At the very least its always fun to see Wolves get killed by catapults. ;-)


15 March

Saturday at 3pm EST in Gna Faste we will be having a giveaway/trade/swap meet. We'd like to make this a weekly event if for no other reason than to just get together and show the colors. If you're looking for a new weapon or some higher armor, come on down!


14 March 2002

Congratulations to our fearless guild leader Ladihawke and her husband Tag on the birth of their baby girl Robyn Nicole. She weighs in at a whopping 6lbs 13.8oz and is 19inches long. She entered the world at 11:04am EST. Mom and baby are doing great.  Maybe if we're all good little Middies, Ladihawke will be back on to play tonight.  <wink>


I added a join button to make it easier for new members to  send an email to Nerce.


12 March 2002

Added a join page that can be accessed by clicking above. It provides a page where a person may enter info and email it directly to Nerce Ratchet. If anyone has suggestions on how else I can improve our site, I'm all ears.


9 March 2002

Welcome to the the new Equinox web page. We will be adding more features to the page as time goes along. I just wanted to get a rough up so everyone had a place to go for info.


First order of business is a huge congratulatory pat on the back to all you RVR folks that have been tearing up Battleground! WTG guys! Make sure you check out Battle ground when you hit your 30's. It's a great place to hone those RVR skillz!


I will be adding some updates directly from Mythic's servers in the near future. Look for it. =) In the mean time there are some links on the right side to the important info pages at CamelotHerald.

Update... I've added a link to DAOC.catacombs A great resource for everything DAOC...Maps, bestiary, quest info you name it.






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